Hebridean Naturalist

Journal of Curracag, Outer Hebrides Natural History Society
Contents: Numbers 1-23 (1978-2023)

  • Numbers 1 & 2 - 1978
    Preface S. Angus 3
    Late News 3
    Foreword Dr. John Morton Boyd 5
    Editorial 8
    Immigrations and extinctions: A Hebridean context Timothy Reed 11
    The birds of North Rona and Sula Sgeir Peter G. H. Evans 21
    The Stornoway woods W. A. J. Cunningham 37
    Friend or foe? S. Angus 43
    Winkles in the Uists Shelagh M. Smith 45
    Redwing winter James Downie 51
    Peat and its associated pleasures Janet Crummy 53
    N.C.C. Coastal Survey 58
    Oyster breakthrough in Uig 58
    Duns Joanna Close-Brooks 59
    Western Isles symposium 66
    Airport extension S. Angus 67
    Archaeology for the public? 70
    A walk on North Uist Gerald Ponting 71
    Eagle mobbed by buzzards Ena Smith 75
    Nature Conservancy post for the Western Isles 76
    Of lizards, hedgehogs and other new beasties.... S. Angus 77
    Members 78
    Biological recording in vice-county 110 79
    Honorary membership 81
    Book review 82
    Instructions to authors 84
  • Number 3 - 1979
    Editorial Gerald Ponting 2
    Proceedings of the society 3
    The work of the conservation authorities in the Western Isles of Scotland. 1. The Countryside Commission for Scotland Valerie M. Thom 5
    Sticklebacks [Gasterosteus aculeatus (L) and Pungitius pungitius (L)] in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. R.N. Campbell 8
    Former sea-level changes in the Scottish Hebrides. Alasdair G. Dawson 16
    N.C.C. intertidal survey unit in the Outer Hebrides Gillian Bishop 23
    A hare in its winter coat Margaret & Howard Chapman 26
    The Natural Environment Research Council R. Colin Welch 27
    Childrens nature crossword 28
    Some geometry associated with the standing stones of Callanish G. Ronald Curtis 29
    Letter to the editor of 41
    Wintering waders on the coast of the Eye Peninsula, Lewis Nigel E. Buxton 42
    The symposium on the natural environment of the Western Isles Alasdair Fraser 48
    Plantations and birds in North Uist Timothy Reed 50
    Coleoptera previously unrecorded from the Outer Hebrides. R. Colin Welch 54
    St. Columba F.G. Thompson 62
    A walk along the seashore Janet Crummy 64
    Diving by a great black-backed gull Nigel & Charlotte Buxton 66
    Scottish fisheries bulletin no. 44 Stewart Angus 67
    Constitution 68
    Recent articles dealing with the Western Isles Stewart Angus 69
    Notes for contributors 70
    Society objects and membership 71
    Solution to crossword 72
  • Number 4 - 1980
    Editorial Janet A. Crummy 2
    Proceedings of the society 3
    The status of the whooper swan in Lewis and Harris, Outer Hebrides W.A.J. Cunningham & Dr. Nigel E. Buxton 6
    An evening jaunt Janet A. Crummy 11
    Thoughts on ecology F. G. Thompson 13
    A lone ranger! Margaret Chapman 16
    The status and ecology of voles Microtus agrestis (L.) in the Outer Hebrides Stewart Angus 17
    The birds of 1979 Peter Cunningham 20
    Beached bird survey Janet A. Crummy 24
    The biological gourmet 25
    How strange a cycle: the early history of the isle of Rhum. J A. Love 28
    Passive transport of animals S. Angus 33
    Common shrew in the Outer Hebrides? S. Angus 33
    The fish fauna of the inland waters of the Outer Hebrides Peter S. Maitland 36
    The return of the sea eagle to Scotland John A. Love & Dr. Nigel E. Buxton 46
    The work of the conservation authorities in the Western Isles of Scotland Dr. Nigel E. Buxton 49
    Blue hare in Lewis Dr. Nigel E. Buxton & David C. Cook 53
    Breeding Manx shearwaters Puffinus puffinus on Rhum Desmond B. A. Thompson & Patrick S. Thompson 54
    Recent articles dealing with the Western Isles. Stewart Angus 66
  • Number 5 - 1981
    Editorial Janet A. Crummy 2
    Proceedings of the society 1980 3
    Recording of grey seals - can you help? 5
    A guide to wildlife habitats in the Hebrides: 1 Saltmarshes. Dr. N. E. Buxton 6
    Islands at risk 9
    Birds of the Uists: - Waders Mr. L. M. Gardiner & Major D. Counsell 10
    A seventeenth century coin hoard? Gerald and Margaret Ponting 11
    The biological gourmet 13
    Bird observations on St Kilda 9 January 1981 - 25 January 1981 J. J. Gordon 17
    Flora of Uig (Lewis) Miss M. S. Campbell 22
    A simplified geology of the Western Isles Graham Browne 23
    Red-throated divers Gavia stellata on Rhum Peter B. Duncan 29
    The mammals of Skye and its islands B. Philp 33
    Dalmore excavations Margaret & Gerald Ponting 39
    The vegetation of gulleries on moorland in Lewis, Outer Hebrides Andrew Currie 41
    Vegetation on islands of West Loch Roag, Llewis Andrew Currie 41
    A bird census in Lews Castle woodlands 1979 Timothy M. Reed 50
    The work of the conservation authorities in the Western Isles Frank Hamilton 59
    Lewis - a historical summary Murdoch Macleod 62
    Mute swans in Lewis Janet A. Crummy 66
    Archaeology in the Western Isles: an annotated list of some recent publications Gerald Ponting 67
    A bibliography of the natural history of the Outer Hebrides Peter Cunningham 71
  • Number 6 - 1982
    Editorial Janet A. Crummy 2
    Proceedings of society 3
    The life history and stranding of a white-sided dolphin A. N. Williams 6
    The wintering gulls of the Stornoway area Dr. N. E. Buxton 12
    Otters - a question of survival Jane Twelves & William C. Kinross 15
    Two bronze items from the western isles Mary Harman 20
    The work of the conservation authorities in the Western Isles (4) Scottish Development Dept Ancient Monuments Branch Dr. N. Fojut 22
    A Scottish coin John Trevor 27
    Fishermen's superstition Madge Erskine-Black 28
    The birds of the Outer Hebrides in 1981 Peter Cunningham 29
    Hebridean peculiars Lt. Col. A. M. Macfarlane 32
    First experience of bird ringing Martyn R. Buckley 33
    The biological gourmet - crofter fayre 34
    Butterflies in Lewis John Trevor 37
    An expedition to Little Bernera Janet A. Crummy 38
    A night on a bare mountain Major David Counsell 44
    Hedgehogs in South Uist Eric Morton 46
    Small petrel studies on North Rona John A. Love 48
    A highland betrothal Madge Erskine-Black 54
    A guide to wildlife habitats in the Hebrides: moorland Dr. N. E. Buxton 56
  • Number 7 - 1983
    Editorial Janet A. Crummy 1
    Proceedings of 1982 3
    The fungal explosion in Harris 1982 A.S. Halford-MacLeod 6
    Seabird survey of the Western isles in 1977 W.R.P. Bourne & A. Currie 9
    Long Island lagomorphs Stewart Angus 16
    Biological gourmet 23
    Convolvulus hawk-moth (Herese convolvuli) in Lewis John Trevor 24
    A colony of cormorants at a fresh water Loch in North Uist Major David Counsell 25
    A colony of rock doves in a ruined manor Major David Counsell 26
    The Odonata of Western Isles R.V. Collier 27
    Total eclipse Gerald & Margaret Ponting 37
    Work of conservation authorities - National Trust D.S. Erskine 39
    Garden bird feeding survey Martyn R. Buckley 43
    Butterfly survey: a synopsis John Trevor 44
    Coastal erosion and archaeology in Lewis and Harris Trevor G. Cowie 45
    Berneray - Ensay trip Eric Shaw 59
    Birds of Outer Hebrides 1982 Peter Cunningham 61
    Review of Habitat Scotland's publication "Machair under threat" Alastair Fraser 69
    Steeds of Saint Michael Robert Beck 71
    Monach Isles Major David Counsell 74
  • Number 8 - 1984
    The breeding wader populations on the machairs and blackland of the southern isles, Outer Hebrides N.E. Buxton, G.H. Green & D.R. Langslow 5
    Wader ringing in the Outer Hebrides Dr N.E. Buxton 10
    Gaelic plant lore Kenneth D. Smith 12
    Hoverflies of the Western Isles Iain MacGowan 14
    Birds and birdwatching on the Uists Major David Counsell 15
    Convolvulus hawk-moth 19
    Biological gourmet 21
    A birdwatcher in Norfolk Rev. Frank Evans 22
    Death sense and feeding in gulls Dr Frank W. Rennie 23
    The isle of Raasay Ted Downing 24
    Can you help? Dr Frank W. Rennie 31
    Birds of the Outer Hebrides in 1983 Peter Cunningham 32
    The work of the conservation authorities in the Western Isles. Hebridean Environmental Project Dr Frank W. Rennie 37
    Visitors to the Toe Head Peninsula G.A. & V.H. Kennedy 39
    Bird book review: Sutherland Birds Nigel E. Buxton 42
    Red-throated divers in Harris 42
    Record of the stranding of a newly born common porpoise Jane Twelves 44
    Rum cuckoo clocks John A. Love 45
    Butterfly survey 2nd year synopsis John Trevor 47
    Greenshanks in Harris 48
    Golden Eagles in Harris 48
    Seal studies in the Outer Hebrides Bernie McConnell 49
    Flora of Outer Hebrides project R.J. Pankhurst 56
    Reconstructing prehistoric landscapes Gerald Ponting 57
  • Number 9 - 1987
    Letter Janet Crummy 7
    Proceedings of the society, 1984 9
    North Rona in November 1986 Ray Collier 11
    Geological Field trip to North Lewis Paul H Cowan 12
    Dolichopodidae and Syrphidae (Diptera) new to Lewis Iain MacGowan 14
    Turtles in the Western Isles Stewart Angus 16
    Condition factors in brown trout (Salmo trutta) in Rhum D.B.A. Thompson & Richard Thompson 17
    Requests for Information: Pearl Mussel Margaritifera margaritifera 23
    Lost woodlands of the Western Isles Stewart Angus 24
    Outer Hebrides Bird report for 1984 Peter Cunningham 30
    Black redstart on North Rona Frank Rennie 41
    Outer Hebrides Bird Report for 1985 Peter Cunningham 42
    Dolphin Lookout Dr P.H.G. Evans 48
    Lewis butterfly survey - final year - 1984 John Trevor 49
    The numbers and distribution of curlew in the Western Isles N.E. Buxton 51
    Human and natural history of the Monach Isles R.E. Randall 56
    Rocks and minerals from the Western Isles held in the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow Keith Nicholson 67
    New Archaeological society 71
    Archaeology in Lewis - recent research D.W. Harding 72
    St Kilda in February 1987 Ray Colier 76
    Recent publications and reports Stewart Angus 77
  • Number 10 - 1990
    Editorial Stewart Angus 3
    The slaughter of selchis: notes on seal hunting in the Outer Hebrides Mary Bones 7
    Grey squirrel in Lewis Janet Marshall 16
    Mineral resources of the Western Isles. 1. Vermiculite Keith Nicholson 17
    Mineral resources of the Western Isles. 2. Alkali feldspar Keith Nicholson 20
    Member - Andrew Currie 31
    Garden birds in Harris James Downie 32
    History of corncrakes in the Outer Hebrides Donald John Munro 35
    Orange-tips in South Uist Peter Cunningham 41
    Beans Janet Marshall 42
    Arctic skuas in the Sound of Harris Alison Johnson 43
    Rabbits on Eilean Mor, Flannan Isles Stewart Angus 45
    Blue hare sightings in Lewis and Harris David Maclennan 46
    Possible aggressive flight behaviour by Fulmars on Hiort, St Kilda Stewart Angus 47
    Outer Hebrides Bird Report for 1986 Peter Cunningham 48
    Outer Hebrides Bird Report for 1987 Peter Cunningham 50
    Outer Hebrides Bird Report for 1988 Peter Cunningham 57
    Greenland White-fronted geese in the Outer Hebrides Peter Cunningham, D.A. Stroud & A.D. Fox 64
    Feral Mink and polecat in the Western Isles, with notes on the pine marten Stewart Angus 69
    Mink and otter scat analyses in the Outer Hebrides Annice Macdonald 73
    Noteworthy vertebrate records Stewart Angus & Alison Johnson 83
    The trigger fish (Balistes carolinensis) (Gmelin, 1789) in Scottish Waters Gordon Henderson 86
    Beachcombing Andrew Johnson 88
    Mountain spiders in the Outer Hebrides David Horsfield 90
    Bats in the Western Isles David Maclennan 91
    Recent publications and reports Stewart Angus 93
  • Number 11 - 1993
    Editing the Hebridean Naturalist Stewart Angus 3
    The Harris seal cull 1966 to 1978 Tony Scherr 5
    Lepidoptera from the Shiant Isles Stewart Angus 9
    Dead Minke Whale, Frobost/Askernish Beach, South Uist Rosemary Quick 10
    Cetaceans off west Lewis Stewart Angus 11
    Cetacean standings in Lewis and Harris in 1990 Stewart Angus 13
    The Garefowl or Great Auk (Pinguinnis impennis) Mary Bones 15
    The unusual geographic distribution of the plant-parasitic nematode Longidorus vineacola (Sturhan and Weischer, 1964) Brian Boag 25
    A distinguished visitor: a water rail James Downie 29
    "(Cuckoo) music hath charms" for meadow pipits? James Downie 30
    North Rona and Sula Sgeir NNR Ray Collier 31
    The discovery of a child burial of probably Viking-age date on Kneep headland, Lewis, 1991: preliminary report Trevor G Cowie 32
    Statistics relating to the Western Isles Stewart Angus 36
    The meaning and use of the word machair in Gaelic and English Stewart Angus 41
    The slug Arion ater albalatereralis on Mingulay in June 1991 Mary M Elliott 50
    Goose Barnacles Lepas anatifera in Northton Elizabeth Whitelaw 51
    By-the-wind Sailors in Harris Sarah Johnson, James Rice & Sam Rice 52
    Curracag trip to St Kiida James Rice 53
    First recorded breeding of wood warblers in Western Isles Robert D Wemyss 54
    Black Storks in Lewis Peter Cunningham 55
    Amphibians in the Western Isles Peter Cunningham 55
    Greylag goose counts in the Uists from 1986 to 1991 Mary M Elliott 56
    Ferret Problem in North Uist James Boyle 61
    The mires of Lewis Colin Wells & Bryan Wheeler 62
    Fox recorded from Harris 69
    Wildlife notes from a fishing boat Iain Angus Macaulay 70
    Curracag outings 1990-91 Elizabeth Whitelaw, Martin Smith & Janet Marshall 71
    The New Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland Martin Smith 72
    Hedgehogs in the Western Isles Stewart Angus 73
    Deaths Head Hawk Moth Acherontia atropos in Lewis John Trevor 77
    A mink control programme for Lewis and Harris Stewart Angus 78
    Review: The Hebrides: a natural history Ronald Macdonald 85
    Protection for freshwater mussel 86
  • Number 12 - 1994
    Editorial Stewart Angus 3
    A visit to North Rona and Sula Sgeir Stuart Murray & John Love 5
    Lost and found: a late Bronze Age sword hoard from South Uist re-united Trevor Cowie 9
    A Bronze Age gold tore from the Minch Trevor Cowie 19
    Adder's-tongue Fern on North Rona and St Kilda Ray Collier 22
    Notes on the lichen flora of Lewis and Harris Alan Fryday 23
    Hebridean birds in ornithological fraud? 29
    Lewis and Harris Bird Report for 1993 Peter Cunningham 30
    St Kilda visitor numbers 1986-1993 Gail Churchill 32
    Factors affecting the distribution of fresh water invertebrates in South Uist Stewart Angus 33
    The stranding of a Basking Shark Cetorhinus maximus in South Uist, 1993 Bill Neill 42
    A nest of the Norwegian Wasp Dolichovespula norwegica (Fab.), South Uist, 1993 Bill Neill 44
    Lesser Yellowlegs - autumn 1992 Bob Wemyss 46
    Cetacean strandings in the Western Isles in 1992 Mary Bones & David Maclennan 47
    Cetacean strandings in the Western Isles in 1993 Mary Bones & David Maclennan 51
    Observations of Risso's Dolphins, June 1993 Jane Twelves, Eric Twelves & John Love 55
    Stranded seal survey, autumn 1993 Mary Bones 56
    Observation of a Grey Seal eating a Common Seal Jane Twelves & Bill Neill 58
    St Kilda summer, 1993 Jim Vaughan & John Love 59
    New fungus for Outer Hebrides? Peter Cunningham 65
    A colourful forenoon visitor - a Scarlet Rosefinch Mary MacAskill 66
    Ross's Gull in Stornoway Harbour Bob Wemyss 68
    Findings of Ocean Triggerfish (Balistes carolinensis) Jane & Eric Twelves 69
    Minch Dipping James Hepburn 70
    Curracag activities 1993-94 Martin Smith 72
    Pipefish at Askernish Rosie Quick 74
    Book reviews John Love & Stewart Angus 75
    The Watchers hut (poem) 82
    Recent publications Stewart Angus 83
  • Number 13 - 2000
    Editorial Andrew Stevenson 1
    Barra ferry dolphin sightings, 1994 John Alec Campbell, William Rusk & Mary Bones 1
    Recurrent sightings of individually recognisable bottlenose dolphins in the Sound of Barra, Outer Hebrides Kate Grellier & Ben Wilson 4
    Black rats Rattus rattus on the Shiant Islands - a study of distribution and abundance David Maclennan, Johanne Ferguson & Nigel Buxton 7
    The birds of the Shiants: 1995 John A. Love 18
    The return of the red deer James MacLeod 22
    The re-introduction of red deer to South Uist in August 1975 John Fletcher 23
    A distinctive form of marsh orchid from Harris Murdo A. Macdonald 26
    A study of the orchid Spiranthes romanzoffiana on the island of Barra James Robarts 30
    Cetacean strandings in the Western Isles in 1994 Mary Bones & David Maclennan 36
    Further notes on the vegetation of North Rona, Western Isles Nigel E Buxton & David Maclennan 42
    A second Ash Fraxinus excelsior in South Uist Stewart Angus 49
    Grayling butterflies on Fuday, Barra John A. Love 50
    A garden in South Uist Rosie Quick 51
    Walrus in North Uist John A Love 52
    Buff-breasted sandpipers and a pectoral sandpiper on North Uist Brian Rabbitts 53
    An interesting guest in my garden - a water rail The late Mary Macaskill 54
  • Number 14: Special St Kilda Edition- 2004
    SNH and St Kilda John A. Love 1
    St Kilda seasons (1999-2001) Andy Robinson 7
    The Lepidoptera of St Kilda John A. Love 22
    Cetacean records from St Kilda Stuart Murray 28
    Marine creatures of St Kilda John A. Love 34
    Notes on the flora of St Kilda Mary Bones 37
  • Number 15 - 2006
    A report on a visit to Haskeir Island, North Uist, 26th -28th June 2005 Nigel R. Winn 5
    An experiment to investigate the effects of ploughing management on machair vegetation Nia Owen 12
    Irish Lady's Tresses (Spiranthes romanzoffiana) - a visit from bees James Robarts 19
    The Birds of Mingulay and Berneray, 1994 John A. Love 22
    Notes on the field mice (Apodemus sylvaticus) of Mingulay and Berneray, Western Isles Nigel E Buxton, & David Maclennan 25
    Brief look at moths in the Uists - 2005 Steve Duffield 30
    Frenzy of Orcas John A. Love 42
    Three-spined sticklebacks in Uist - a trip to remember Susan M Coyle & James Canavan 43
    The Birds of North Rona 13th-18th June 1998 John Love & Andrew Stevenson 47
    Sperm Whale Stranding, Isle of Lewis Dr Kevin Robinson 54
    Lizards - New to the Uists John A. Love 55
  • Number 16 - 2016
    Foreword Professor Stewart Angus 1
    Editorial Chris Johnson 3
    Adventitious species - What are they? Chris Johnson 4
    The mammals of the Inner and Outer Hebrides Lee Thickett 7
    Embryonic Gannet colony, Barra Head, Berneray Miranda Forrest 11
    First recovery of a foreign-ringed Dotterel for the UK Barry Barnacal 14
    Some interesting salt-tolerant plants of roadsides in the Outer Hebrides Paul A. Smith 15
    When is a worm not a worm? - When it's a shipworm Chris Johnson 24
    Hirta Sheep David Buckland & Graham Charlesworth 29
    Fulmar harvesting, St. Kilda - a historic account Transcribed by Ian R. Thompson 39
    Morphological variation in Cross-leaved Heath (Erica tetralix) on Berneray, Barra, Scotland Graham Charlesworth 44
    Stop Press: Bell Heather found on Berneray Graham Charlesworth 53
    Thoughts about Eilean an Ràna Simon Davies 55
    The Hebridean Naturalist - Surviving the vicissitudes of fortune Christine Johnson 63
    The coastal lochs of South Uist's south end, and their possible role in navigation Stewart Angus 69
  • Supplement 1: Flora of St Kilda - Professor Michael John Crawley FRS - 2017
    Summary 1
    Introduction 2
    A list of the plants found in the most characteristic habitats 5
    An alphabetical list of the plants with habitat notes 25
    Systematic list of the vascular plants 46
    Distribution 50
    Abundance 53
    Discussion 54
    Bibliography 56
    Acknowledgements 58
  • Number 17 - 2017
    Editorial Chris Johnson 2
    Twenty years of wader ringing on Benbecula and South Uist Hugh Insley 3
    Violet Sea Snails Janthina janthina Jane Bowman 7
    How does Hebridean crofting management affect Bumblebee (Bombus) abundance and diversity in the machair? Buzzing about crofting practice Katie Morrison 10
    The Emerald Damselfly Lestes sponsa in the Outer Hebrides Bill Neill 27
    A Natural History of Uist Glazes Miranda Forrest 30
    Two North American spring visitors to the outer Hebrides Brian Rabbitts 40
    Anther smuts on Caryophyllaceae in the Outer Hebrides Paul A. Smith 45
    Insect explorations in June Wendy Carter 48
    Ophioglossum in the Uist Archipelago - Adder's-tongues in strange places Simon Davies 56
    Loch Aird a'Mhuile: an anomalous loch in the west coast of South UIst Stewart Angus 63
    Gooseberries, Jellies, Violets and a Bee Jon Noad 70
    Out and about with my mate, Dave Simon Davies 75
    Letters to the Editor: Feral Sheep on St Kilda Dr Richard Luxmore 78
    Feral Sheep on St Kilda Dr Richard Luxmore 78
  • Number 18 - 2018
    Comparison of sheep tick, Ixodes ricinus, between a littoral site and two inland sites on South Uist, Scotland Graham Charlesworth 3
    Visiting the islands in the Sound of Barra Paul A. Smith & Richard Pankhurst 12
    Sea-slugs of the Western Isles Lee Thickett 16
    Colour-ringed House Sparrows for the Re-trapping of Adults for Survival (RAS) Scheme at Askernish, South Uist 2014-2016 Ian Thompson, Yvonne Benting & Bill Neill 22
    A quest for pollinators on the Uists and Benbecula Heather Angel 26
    North Uist - the "Scottish Galapagos": a hotspot of stickleback biodiversity Carl Smith 30
    Grisly Garbage. A note on some local marine litter and its damage to wildlife Mary Harman 36
    Hebridean migrant and passage birds. Birds breeding in Iceland, a brief trip report, June 2017 Ashley Jackson 38
    Beveridge's plant records revisited Paul A Smith 43
    Notebook shorthand "the "U.R." factor". Well, have you heard of Petrobius? Simon Davies 47
    Trivia, Deceit and Waspishness Jon Noad 50
    Breeding waders on three Outer Hebridean dune systems over three decades: influences of habitat quality Rob Fuller 56
    The Emerald Damselfly ,em>Lestes sponsa in Lewis Tristan ap Rheinallt & Alice Starmore 65
    Drinker (Euthrix potatoria) in the Outer Hebrides Chris Johnson 67
    Meadows and more: a botanical journal of five days on the Uists, Benbecula and Eriskay Owen Mountford, Stewart Clarke, David Gowing, Emma Rothero & Hilary Wallace 72
    Bryophytes in a Stornoway garden Tristan ap Rheinallt 89
    Geàrraidh Fliuch - a forgotten township on South Uist Simon Davies 93
    How long do inter-tidal species persist in rock pools? Lee Thickett 98
    Letters to the Editor : Farmer's irate daughter Miranda Forrest 100
    Rubha Aird A'Mhuile Graham Charlesworth 100
  • Number 19 - 2019
    Editorial Chris Johnson 2
    A submerged forest, intertidal archaeology and a Bronze Age butchery site at Lionacleit. The story so far Joanna Hambly & Scott Timpany 3
    Some new aspects of the behaviour of Otter Lutra lutra, in the Hebrides Lee Thickett 16
    St Kilda's Claim to the Last Ever Great Auk John Love 19
    The Strange Incident of the Obisary Pollack Stuart MacPherson 27
    Two remarkable Sperm whale strandings in South Uist Mary Harman 29
    Local Strandings of Cuvier's Beaked Whale (Ziphius cavirostris) 2018: a shocking and sad episode Mary Harman 40
    Acorn Barnacles Chris Johnson 42
    Poplar Lutestring in the Outer Hebrides John Kemp 47
    Some Western Isles Beetle Mysteries Lee Thickett 49
    Diptera in the Outer Hebrides - A Revised Checklist Christine Johnson 52
    The pre-drainage lochs of Benbecula, Outer Hebrides Stewart Angus 63
    Puffins - a historical account Ian Thompson 79
  • Number 20 - 2020
    Editorial Chris Johnson 2
    Signs of Spring. OHBR Phenology Survey Christine Johnson 3
    Corncraking on Uist Heather Beaton 4
    Loch Druidibeg Nature Reserve: A History John A. Love 9
    A real rarity? Robin Sutton 21
    Dwarf Willow - Salix herbacea in the Outer Hebrides Paul A. Smith 27
    The ecology of the banded wedge shell Donax vittatus in the Outer Hebrides Stewart Angus 30
    Slowworms in South Uist and the Hebrides Danny Rafferty 36
    An influx of Silver Y Autographa gamma into the Outer Hebrides during spring 2020 John Kemp 39
    Movements of House Sparrows in the Uists, 2010 Ian Thompson 44
    Rhopalomyia ptarmicae, a bud gall of Achillea ptarmica (Sneezewort) in the Outer Hebrides Bill Neill, Melanie Groundsell & Paul A. Smith 51
    Something to chew on? Simon Davies 55
    Caddis C4a 20th July 2020, a species new to the Outer Hebrides, new to Scotland and the first GB record since 1915 Robin Sutton 66
    An introduction to desmids Chris Johnson 71
    Colour-ringed Godwit Martyn Jamieson 87
    Long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas) in Loch Boisdale, June 2020. A summary Mary Harman 89
    "Rats!" - Ailsa Craig versus The Shiant Isles Graham Charlesworth 91
    Yellow -browed Warbler Yvonne Benting 92
  • Number 21 - 2021
    Editorial Chris Johnson 2
    Serendipity - a practical example of toponymy in action. Surprising outcomes from a conspiracy of circumstances Simon Davies 3
    An encounter with the Map-winged Swift Korscheltellus fusconebulosa John B. Kemp 12
    Sphagnum mosses in Lewis Tristan ap Rheinallt 16
    The South Uist Shark Martyn Jamieson 24
    Ergots Claviceps spp. in the Outer Hebrides Paul A. Smith 26
    Grey Seal culls in the Outer Hebrides John A. Love 30
    Short-necked Oil Beetle Meloe brevicollis. Traigh Eais, Isle of Barra, June 2021: a new species for the Outer Hebrides Bruce Taylor 35
    Lone Gannet to Gannetry Miranda Forrest 40
    Uist's other flagship habitat – saline lagoons Stewart Angus 42
    Wild apple Malus sylvestris on Pabaigh Mor Paul A. Smith & Markus Ruhsam 49
    A Dead Bird Beach Survey Graham Charlesworth 52
    Sea Beans Rosie Quick 54
    Fascinating Fleas Christine Johnson 55
    Unsightly plastic litter or a valuable habitat? Gwen Evans 64
    Natural history from Heisgeir Schoolhouse John A. Love 66
    Comparative desmid sampling of Loch a Bhursta, Benbecula 1902 versus 2021 Chris Johnson 71
    Rusty-dot Pearl John B. Kemp 77
  • Number 22 - 2022
    Editorial Chris Johnson 2
    Waxcaps: jewels of unimproved grassland Chris Johnson 3
    Plastic Machair Graham Charlesworth 24
    Not just moths Robin Sutton 40
    A bryological weekend in North Uist Tristan ap Rheinallt 46
    Parasitoid wasps in Achillea ptarmica galls Bill Neill & Paul A. Smith 49
    Visit to Pabbay, 6th June 2022 Mary Harman 51
    Observations of an Island Farm Graham Charlesworth & David Buckland 54
    Pabbay: Flora, Fauna and Ecosystems Christine Johnson 56
    Mertensia maritima (Oysterplant) in the Outer Hebrides Paul A. Smith, Patrick Hughes & Steve Duffield 67
    A South Uist Lochan During Lockdown John A. Love 71
    The Rock Doves of the Outer Hebrides William J. Smith 76
    Wandering through the past around Nunton: A field study Simon Davies 83
    Philonthus laminatus (Creutzer, 1799) Chris Johnson & Debbie Storrow 94
  • Number 23 - 2023
    Editorial Chris Johnson 2
    Hooded Merganser and Mourning Dove revisited Brian Rabbits 4
    A New Observed Behaviour of Colletes floralis Simon Davies 11
    Pabbay postscript 2023 Mary Harman 14
    Drawn to plants Jocelyn Anne Rabbitts 15
    Notes on the Hebridean Twite Linaria flavirostris Ashley Jackson 18
    The status of Common Rustic Mesapamea secalis and Lesser Common Rustic Mesapamea didyma in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland VC110 John B Kemp 25
    Beach and machair crust in Lewis and Harris Stewart Angus 28
    Diatom studies in the Outer Hebrides Ingrid Jüttner 33
    Hidden Landscapes. Exploring the Outer Hebrides Scottish Marine Region Christine Johnson 38
    Anybody fancy a dip? Simon Davies 51
    Collateral Discoveries after a Dip Simon Davies 63
    The SEA EAGLE: was its extinction justified? John Love 65
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