Outer Hebrides Natural History Bibliography Project

The Outer Hebrides have always attracted naturalists and although the early visitors concentrated mainly on the abundance of birdlife, by the mid-eighteenth century the first accounts of the terrestrial invertebrates and marine life were beginning to appear. The published literature from the mid-eighteenth century to the present day contains a wealth of information about the terrestrial and marine life of the archipelago, but it is widely dispersed and often not easily accessible.

One of the aspirations of Outer Hebrides Biological Recording is to make information about the fauna, flora and fungi of the islands readily available to anyone with an interest in the natural history of the Outer Hebrides. The primary source for information on the distribution and composition of the animals, plants and fungi found in the islands is the National Biodiversity Network Atlas Scotland. It is not comprehensive and only a small percentage of the information contained reports and scientific journals has been incorporated into the NBN database. This bibliography may help to alleviate this problem by signposting other possible sources of information and documenting the wide range of ecological surveys and research which has been carried out in the islands. The bibliography is part of a suite of on-line resources provided by Outer Hebrides Biological Recording which can be accessed through the main website.

The bibliography is a work in progress and will continue to grow as long as naturalist and scientists study the natural environment of the islands. We welcome contributions to the list of publications and corrections of any errors.