Outer Hebrides Biological Recording

Organising and Using the Bibliography

As the bibliography grows in size and complexity it becomes more important to have the ability to organise the bibliography to locate the required information. This can be achieved by organising the whole bibliography according to certain criteria such as Year or Author or by using the search facility either with or without a combination of filters.


  • the Bibliography can be organised by Author, Title, Publication Type or Year by clicking on the appropriate heading
  • the order can be reversed by clicking on the heading a second time
  • full details of the publication can be accessed by clicking on the publication title
  • the Available at link provides accesses to the on-line publication source
  • the entire bibliography or individual publications can be exported using the BibTex or RTF link


  • the entire bibliography can be searched by entering single or multiple words in the search box
  • the filter enables the search to be refined by selecting from categories such as author or year
  • filters can be used individually or in combination with or without an entry in main search box
  • if using a filter, select the Filter button to activate the search
  • The Author filter, uses the first author listed in the publication, use the search box to search for co-authors