Outer Hebrides Biological Recording

A Provisional Assessment of the Status of Calypterate flies in the UK.

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Natural England. Commissioned Reports, Natural England, Number 234, p.267 (2017)




http://publications.naturalengland.org.uk/ .


Diptera, Insects


<p>Making good decisions to conserve species should primarily be based upon an objective process of determining the degree of threat to the survival of a species. The recognised international approach to undertaking this is by assigning the species to one of the IUCN threat categories. This report was originally commissioned to update the threat status of some calypterate fly families. It is based on text originally submitted in 2005-12, but subsequently updated a number of times, most recently in late 2016. It provides a valuable repository of information on many species and should act as a springboard to further survey and work. Reviews for other invertebrate groups will follow.</p>

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