Outer Hebrides Biological Recording

The aquatic Coleoptera of the Outer Hebrides

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Scottish Naturalist, Volume 1938, p.33–46 (1938)


Barra, Beetles, Berneray, Coleoptera, Deronectes canariensis, Mingulay, South Uist


<p>Paper based on all specimens collected by Armstrong College expedition(s?) to Raasay and adjecent islands, and Biological Society of University of Edinburgh expedition to Barra in 1935, plus additonal specimens from Hebrides collected by George Heslop Harrison. Specimens sent in tubes of spirit. GHH's Barra material included 2 specimens if <i>Deronectes canariensis</i>, hitherto known only from Canary Islands. FB-B failed to refind the species in Barra.</p>